Whether it’s millions of dollars in donations, special cash meetings or cushy lobbyists jobs for retiring politicians, Labor and LNP politicians represent their big corporate mates – not Queenslanders.

The days of Bjelke-Petersen aren’t over – the politicians, developers and criminals have just gotten better at hiding it. Our system is rigged in favour of big corporations – and while Labor and the LNP dominate Queensland politics, nothing will change.

Property developers, gambling corporations and mining corporations get billions of dollars worth of favourable decisions from the Queensland Government.


The Greens will:

  • Move to ban donations from for-profit corporations –  like property developers, financial institutions, gambling and fossil fuel corporations within 100 days of being elected.
  • Ban cash-for-access ministerial meetings – access to our government shouldn’t be determined by your ability to pay.
  • Give our anti-corruption watchdog teeth – widen the definition of corruption and make all hearings public to ensure politicians can’t hide their dodgy behaviour.
  • Jam the revolving door between politicians and lobbyists – double the waiting period for politicians to become lobbyists to four years, so they have to wait at least a full-term of parliament before they can lobby for big dodgy corporations.


You can more information on our plan to end corruption in Queensland at