As Queenslanders continue to be locked out of the housing market, a greater proportion of people are choosing renting as a long term solution to housing.

However, Queensland’s current rental laws prevent people from treating their rental accommodation as a safe and secure home. How are you meant to raise a family or establish yourself in a community when your security doesn’t extend beyond one year? Apart from short fixed term leases tenants are vulnerable to unregulated rent increases at the end of every fixed term lease.

The Queensland Greens believe every person deserves a home – regardless of whether they own or rent.

The Greens plan to make a house a home:

  • Better lease security – the option for unlimited leases to give both renters and landlords more security
  • Rent controls – to be overseen by the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA), rent increases can only occur every 24 months outside of fixed term lease agreements.
  • Minor renovations – tenants will be able to put a nail in the wall or put up shelving without permission.
  • Minimum standards – all rental properties must adhere to minimum standards like ensuring the dwelling is weatherproof and structurally sounds, have a private bathroom, and have adequate ventilation.
  • Ban no-pet clauses.

You can find more information about our Rights for Renters plan at greens.org.au/qld/renters-rights