Small business is an important mainstay of the Queensland economy, employing half of workers in the private sector, supporting their local community and economy, and adapting quickly to new challenges. Here in Maiwar, local businesses are an integral part of the community and contribute greatly.

For too long, both Labor and the LNP have been too invested in the futures of the big businesses that contribute to their reelection campaigns. While small businesses are continually emerging in our area, it’s important to balance the scales in the favour of small, ethical businesses run by locals.


The Greens will:

  • Review all current tax and rate imposts on small business in an attempt to assess their impacts on these businesses and make recommendations on changes in order to create favourable conditions.
  • Develop an industrial relations system and worksafe commission that works with  small business and that is empowered to investigate complaints, provide arbitration and conciliation.
  • Create incentives for small business’ practices, goods and services to become ecologically sustainable and energy efficient, accessing 100% renewable, green audits, and seed funding.
  • Lobby to provide specialised small business legal advisors in community legal centres to give additional resources to small and home-based business to ensure access and advice about contracts, insurances and other legal matters.